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About Us

Eco-Puff INC was founded by a mother of three beautiful toddlers. Wanting the best for her kids in every part of their lives, she felt she wasn’t bathing them correctly. She tried everything to wash her kids’ skin; wet towels, cloths, and all the sponges available on the market. Simply nothing was good enough for her babies’ sensitive skin. There had to be a better way. Dedicated and motivated to find the best possible way to wash her kids, this “super mother” made tons of research, and went through hundreds of products for many years to finally create a unique and perfect baby sponge. Made from 100% pure konjac and environmental friendly, the Eco-Puff was tested for authenticity and purity, and it differs from many inferior products that are mass-produced in poor quality and in unethical factories where they use low grade and contaminated materials. Finally! A product good enough to wash her babies – and yours. A product not only tested by health services, but tested by a mother, and now available for other mothers wanting the best for their own children as well.